What’s new on Facebook for small businesses



Facebook is the most popular social media site, averaging over 1 billion members. Active involvement with the popular social media network proves as a positive for several small businesses. Facebook now allows businesses to use:

– Graph search: Allows you to search for Facebook members’ favorite things. “Dan Levy, Facebook’s director of small business, says it’s imperative that businesses take the time to update their listings to make sure they show up in Graph Search.”

– Promoted posts: Business can use the number of Facebook “likes” to their advantage by creating ads that appear in members News Feed.

-Mobile app install ads: Small businesses with their own iPhone or Google play app can advertise via Facebook to promote downloads.

-Check-in:  Facebook members can let their friends know when they are visiting a business by checking in. Every time a customer checks in, it’s an opportunity for another “like.”


Social media allows business to promote themselves, and keep the business fresh in peoples’ minds!