Winter is almost over. That only means that March Madness is here! BBS, Inc. is bringing the madness back to the office to kick off the BBS, Inc. March Madness Tournament!


The tournament will last for 5 weeks. For weeks 1 through 4, each sales rep will be placed on a tournament bracket. The seeding’s will be determined by individual production. Everyday the reps will go head to head. The rep with more sales will move up in the bracket for the next day. Every week there will be a new winner. On week 5, The 4 winners of the first four weeks will go to the Final Four and compete against each other for the ultimate grand prize. The winner of the tournament will have the opportunity to travel to any office across the US with all expenses paid. Other prizes will be determined.


About BBS, Inc. Boston


BBS is a sales and marketing company dedicated to providing immediate and exceptional results for our clients. Since 2007, BBS has been committed to discovering effectivesolutions for companies that are looking to increase sales and market growth, as well as provide numerous opportunities for career development to its employees. BBS consists of a friendly, professional and thorough sales force designed to bridge the gap between large companies and their customers that other marketing channels cannot effectively reach.