March Madness week 2 Showdown!

Week 2 of the March Madness tournament at BBS, Inc. came down to two final employees. Andrew Brisson, Assistant Manager, and Kris Reslow, defending champion, were the final two employees remaining in the bracket. They went head to head on Saturday with a brand new suit on the line. The total commission made for that day determined the winner. Kris went out on Saturday and made 3 sales for $362 finishing over $1100 for the week.

Kris couldn’t stop thinking what color suit he wanted. As Kris got back to the office, everyone was congratulating him on his second victory. There was one employee missing at the office and that was Andrew. He did not see Andrew in the office. Why? Andrew was closing his fourth sale for an astonishing $432 dollars. We asked Andrew for his thoughts on the March Madness challenge and he stated, “I believe that the competition pushed Kris and myself to our limits and we may not have had the drive to go out and combine for 7 sales if there wasn’t a new suit on the line.” CEO Vince Conley added that, “It is very healthy for an office to constantly add incentives and bonuses out to employees because it creates a friendly competitive atmosphere and it definitely increases individual production.” BBS, Inc. management team would also like to send a thanks to all of the participants for their hard work!


Andrew Brisson

Assistant Manager, Andrew Brisson

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