BBS, Inc management team heads out to L.A to talk expansion and growth in the Massachusetts market!

Vince Conley, President of BBS, Inc met with top leadership to discuss the Samsung campaign and SunRun Solar. “It was extremely exciting to hear about the possible growth opportunities with both clients. Samsung is a worldwide brand and one of BBS, Inc goals is to go international in the next 2 years. Solar is also a very interesting campaign to be working with, especially in such a regulated market like Massachusetts” Vince said. 

BBS, Inc wants to continue growing and expanding their leadership and development teams around the United States and in the near future International. “The only way we can continue to grow and expand is through our core values; Integrity, Honesty, driving revenue to our current clients and developing our people” said Vince.

BBS, Inc is currently the #1 outsourced provider for Verizon in the Massachusetts market and is looking to expand with new clients in the Massachusetts area.

Below is information about the SunRun campaign.



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