BBS, Inc. Travels To The Sunshine For A Conference!

BBS, Inc. sent their top ten sales representatives to Orlando, Florida for the Eastern Regional Conference, which was hosted by our client, Verizon.  While they were in Orlando, the Representatives were able to network with our client, Verizon, on a more personal level and learn the best business practices.   Verizon also gave recognition to the top representatives.  Andrew Brisson, currently an Assistant Manager at BBS, Inc, was awarded the Second Best Sales Representative in the country out of Seven Hundred Sales Representatives.  Mark Fleischer, currently a top Leader at BBS, Inc, was awarded the Sixth Best Sales Representative in the Country.  BBS, Inc. could not have been more proud of their two top sales representatives.  In addition to the Sales representative’s awards, Micaela Hill and Jenny Goracke, BBS Inc’s Admins, were awarded the Top Admins in the Country.  Vince Conley and Tray Trombetti, the BBS, Inc. Managers, could not be more proud of their employees hard work, time, and effort.

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