BBS, Inc. Boston Announces Winner The Winner Of The World Cup Competition!

The BBS, Inc. World Cup has finally come to an end! Mexico has been facing off against Germany for the past two weeks, in order to win the World Cup Competition. Each sale counted as one goal, if a sales representative made two sales it counted for three goals.  After the past two weeks, Mexico has won against Germany 12-6.  Zack Fahrenholtz, an Assistant Manager who was a member of team Mexico reflected on the past two weeks, “It was great to have friendly competition throughout the office, however winning was a bonus.” As a reward, team Mexico will be taken out to dinner, which will be sponsored by the Managers of BBS, Inc. Vince Conley and Tray Trombetti.  Another participant Austin Miller, a sales representative of team Germany commented on the BBS, Inc. World Cup, “It was awesome to be in the World Cup Competition because it pushed both teams to maximize their potential in the field and in the office.”  In celebration of Mexico’s hard earned win, they will be treated to dinner at On The Boarder in Woburn, MA.

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