BBS, Inc. Is Nominated For The Top Place To Work In Boston Business Journal And The Boston Globe

It’s that time of year again! BBS, Inc. Boston has been nominated again as one of the Top Places to Work in 2014.  Hundreds of companies, during the nomination process, conduct a survey in hopes to achieve the award for the Top Places to Work throughout Boston.  In the survey, employees are asked a variety of questions regarding the work place as well as benefits they receive.  Top employers “value their employees contributions, offer progressive benefits and creative perks, allow the flexibility needed to balance their lives at work and at home, and strive for strong leadership.”  This past year, BBS, Inc was nominated 3rd place out of over 300 companies.  In 2012, they were nominated for 6th.  It was a great achievement to have jumped from 6th place in 2012 to 3rd place in 2013.  Vince Conley, CEO, stated, “We set high goals for our company to constantly improve as a whole. We thrive to sustain a fun atmosphere, which brings an immense amount of energy to the office as a whole.”

Along with The Boston Globe, BBS, Inc. Boston was also ranked 6th in the Boston Business Journal.  The Journal receives over 300 nomination and the top 20 companies are recognized for being the best in Boston.  “Our Best Places to Work event will again recognize the importance of cultivating a great workplace culture as a competitive advantage,” said Chris McIntosh, publisher of the Boston Business Journal. “Companies on our list can be justifiably proud of creating a high level of workplace satisfaction during an economy where traditional rewards like big raises and bonuses aren’t as easy to give. In good times and in bad, our results validate how the creation of the right corporate culture can create powerful business advantages. Employees are proud to work for companies that are about more than just business.”  The honor recognizes BBS, Inc achievements in creating a positive work environment that attracts and retains employees through a combination of employee satisfaction, working conditions and company culture.

This year, BBS, Inc was nominated again for the running for Best Places to Work in 2014 in The Boston Globe.  This past week, BBS, Inc. employees have been filling out the survey in anticipation to once again achieve a position in the Best Places to Work in Boston, MA.  BBS, Inc. Boston truly appreciates the opportunity that they have been given by both The Boston Globe and The Boston Business Journal.

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