photo(4)Congratulations to Zak Blawie, voted by his peers as Leader of the Week!!

Statuesque Mr. Blawie is an unmistakable presence in the office and in the field. Boasting big production and a big personality, Blawie characterizes the persona of a true leader. Stroking his winning Movember mustache, Blawie offered us a peak at the stud behind the ‘stache

Name: Zak Blawie

Hometown: Avon, CT

College: Eastern Connecticut State University

Favorite thing about BBS: Team camaraderie; the fun and supportive work atmosphere

Long term Goal: To be an organizational consultant by age 30

Ideal Business location: Charlotte, NC (“Good weather, cheap cost of living- what’s not to love?”)

This Week’s Random Fact…Fallback Career: Professional Jockey- all 6’4 of him: “I took horseback riding lessons from age 7 to 11, I was really good at jumping”