BBS, Inc- A Darling of the Boston Globe!

globe articleBoston Globe ranked BBS, Inc as the top place in Boston for hiring Millennials!!!

The entirety of BBS, Inc’s employee base fits into the 18-35 age bracket, thus highlighting the appeal of BBS Inc’s young, vibrant culture to millennial employees. BBS, Inc president Vince Conley told the Globe “A brand-new person can come in and within two or three months make a large impact on the company, which is different than at a lot of places. The younger generation likes that entrepreneurial impact.”

BBS, Inc is proud to be a company that entices youthful applicants with its energetic office ethos and opportunity for growth. Ultimately, BBS aspires to provide a springboard for all employees to advance personally and professionally, regardless of age. Moving forward into the New Year, BBS Inc hopes to continue building and promoting the careers of it’s entire staff and providing a company culture conducive to it’s work hard, have fun mentality!

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