Captain Ruben Rosario, and his iron stomach,  leads his team to the title of  BBS MINUTE TO WIN IT CHAMPIONS!!!

BBS Minute To Win It was a huge success. Seven teams battled it out exhibiting stunning wit, athletic prowess, extreme coordination and the ability to withstand a SARDINE binge!

Games included classics such as Nose Dive and Ready Spaghetti as well as new favorites like Separation Anxiety and Badonkadonk. The competition was fierce and after an hour of play four teams were tied for the Minute To Win It title and a pizza/beverage prize!!! This tie-breaker was a heart breaker and a nauseating race to the finish. Ever wonder how it feels to scarf down a can of sardines? Ask Cord, Bonnie, Ruben and Brendan taking it for their teams! At least for Ruben Rosario and the Blue Team the sweet taste of victory helps to mask the fishy flavor that is sure to linger for days to come…